Brenk Sinatra

Within the last couple of years, Vienna based music producer Brenk Sinatra has become one of the most well-known beat smiths out of Europe. After lacing several German and Austrian artists like Casper, Haftbefehl, Morlockk Dilemma, Olexesh an Xatar just to name a few, he raised awareness of well known US-rappers like Mac Miller, Xzibit and B-Real of Cypress Hill, that ended up recording music over his instrumentals. In 2018, „HAQ“ was released, another joint album with Berlin original Said, who also plays the mastermind role behind rap group AOB. How fruitful this collaboration ended up to be is proven with the 2020 released debut album of Berlin based newcomer Bangs, on which Brenk produced half of the instrumentals.
Brenk‘s work as a producer is always earning him respect throughout media outlets and also led to him getting international airplay: DJ legend Giles Peterson of the Worldwideshow on BBC Radio 1 as well as Eminem‘s radio station Shade 45 are playing his songs on the regular. When he is not on tour or working on new albums as one third of the legendary beatmaker trio „Betty Ford Boys“, he is working -amongst others- with MC Eiht on their follow-up album to „Which Way Iz West“, which was released on New York based DJ Premier‘s record label Year Round Records. MC Eiht became a california rap legend as a member of legendary rap group „Compton‘s Most Wanted“, his role in the classic movie „Menace II Society“ as well as features from rap heavyweights such as Snoop Dogg led him to international fame. Not only was DJ Premier the executive producer on „Which Way Iz West“ but also helped working on MC Eihts musical comeback by providing instrumentals together with Brenk.
After Brenk‘s 2008 instrumental debut „Gumbo“, which was voted amongst the 20 best instrumental albums of all times by JUICE magazine, his 3 years later released follow-up Gumbo II raised huge awareness throughout beat Gourmets world wide. On his 2015 solo album „Midnite Ride“ which Brenk dedicated to night time car rides, he put together his spherical „wavy“ beats to one of the most flavorful releases of all time. On his sequel album „Midnite Ride II“, which was released late summer 2019, Brenk was able to match his fans high expectations. The album was highly praised by the media and gathered millions of online streams.
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