Saltyyyy V

Multi-instrumetalist and producer Saltyyyy V is a unique artist that is impossible to be put in a box and should definitely be watched out by any beat-music nerd.

Born and raised in Munich, Germany she grew up with a classical music education, RnB & Hip Hop. After getting in touch with the LA beat-scene surrounding Low-End-Theory, she started producing her own music.

But limiting her creative expression to one outlet only was never a wish nor a choice. Therefore the studied graphic designer moved to Nuremberg to work for adidas. While creating collections for Beyonce and Pharrell Williams, she continued to persue her musical career which lead to the release of her first Album via the Nuremberg based underground-label “Seldom Seen Records” in 2019.

Mixing beats and loops with her own compositions the multi-instrumentalist continuously shapes her unique sound, ranging from laid-back beats to eclectic electronic sounds.

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